Simple yet State-of-the-Art Networks

Nanometrics systems consist of fixed or portable, standalone stations that can be moved between production sites or repositioned to target specific areas of interest. These systems can be purchased or leased and are offered on a turn-key basis, including site preparation, system installation, ongoing maintenance and centralized data processing.

Each site will forward data via a cellular data connection to Nanometrics Data Centre (&/or your Data Centre). The Centaur data acquisition system at each site uses a proprietary error correction protocol designed to ensure 100% data availability. This proven technology is used in over 50 National networks around the world and provides the highest possible data availability over a wide range of communications technologies. The error correction protocol benefits from the full duration of the data stored at each site, ~12 months @100sps. The error correction software is an important part of the network especially when operating over public data networks such as cellular where congestion, dropped connections and other problems are common occurrences.

Over 30 years of experience in installing and managing mission critical seismic arrays

  • Egyptian National Network
  • Indonesian National Network
  • Volcano Monitoring Network, Japan
  • Philippines National Network
  • Peru National Network
  • Alaska Tsunami Warning Network
  • Canada POLARIS Array
  • Saudi National Network
  • Swiss National Network
  • Greek National Network
  • Spanish National Network
  • Italian National Network
  • Indian National Network
  • Indian National Tsunami Warning Network
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