Induced Seismicity

Turnkey microseismic monitoring solutions from rapid, next day deployments to mission critical, semi-permanent networks.

Screwpile deployment Alberta microseismic monitoring

As regulations tighten, managing induced seismic risk is becoming a required element of your operations strategy. When induced seismicity occurs, there is almost always insufficient information to guide discussion between regulators and operators. Nanometrics is helping both regulators and operators to acquire the highest quality data to facilitate managing seismic risk while maintaining operations.

Nanometrics provides instruments and end-to-end solutions that offer reliable, accurate information minutes after the event. Our data center is online 24/7 with experts ready to provide you with data at a moment's notice.

Nanometrics systems are not a simple seismic switch. They provide near real-time notification of events in support of your regulatory requirements and also monitor the continuous microseismicity in the region providing valuable information on the geological environment. Lower magnitude seismicity can be used to illuminate the faulting regime of an area; a data set that can be used by resevoir engineers to manage future operations. 

If you want a low-cost monitoring strategy with no loss of data, we've got you covered.