Surface Microseismic

We offers a wide range of monitoring strategies, from burried arrays to temporary, high-density surface deployments, which are used to characterize frac completion and characterize your resevoir.
Pre-frac Surveys
Survey design on noise field model

Imaging a frac completion using a surface array is a complex and technically challenging task.  In each environment the array needs to be uniquely designed to acquire the catalogue needed to image the fracture completions. A Nanometrics pre-frac survey samples the static and transient noise fields and allows for detailed modelling of the performance of any proposed array monitoring strategy. This in turn allows operators to asess the value proposition of a selected monitoring strategy.  

A Pre-frac Survey:

  • Quantifies the likely performance of a surface frac monitoring strategy 
    • the performance of any monitoring system is dependent on a signal-to-noise ratio
  • Samples the static and transient noise field
  • Provides detailed information and reliable estimation of the signal-to-noise ratio for a given catalogue of events
  • Images a frac completion 
  • Provides the information required to optimize your network performance

Site Noise new low noise modelIn many instances, operators have chosen not to perform surface monitoring of the frac because it was unlikely to obtain reliable results in a poor noise field. It is not uncommon with the surface monitoring of frac completions to record nothing. In most cases this could have been predicted with a small investment in a pre-frac survey. The pre-frac survey will tell you if you are going to see events and at what magnitude, this information will help you to decide whether or not you invest in surface monitoring.  

Near-surface or Buried Arrays
We design fixed network deployments for frac and life-of-field monitoring. In many instances, installing higher quality broadband seismometers is more cost effective as installation depth and station density is reduced, while still obtaining quality results.