Network Design and Modelling

Get a clear picture of your network's performance

We provide high-performance, high-definition network modelling that incorporates actual noise data. We model Mc (magnitude of completeness) and location accuracy, including specific station altitudes and locations, as well as noise encroachment on the network from operations.  Given any geometry of the environment, our model takes into consideration actual equipment noise performance and velocity models, which enables us to determine the Mc and location accuracy.

Once the modelling process is complete, we will provide you with an impact analysis, i.e. How effective is your network when it must perform within the limitations of available resources/leaseholds? What is the impact of noise encroachment from planned operations? It is then possible for us to design networks to ensure that your objectives are met at minimum cost with the minimum number of stations. For existing networks, it is possible to identify regions that may need improving.

Modelling magnitude of completeness helps you decide how many stations you need by giving you an idea of what events you can expect to detect with different networks.

Magnitude of Completeness for 6 Station ArrayMagnitude of Completeness for 11 Station Array



 Graph 1:  Mc for 6 Station Array                                             Graph 2:  Mc for 11 Station Array


 Depending on your network objectives, you may decide you need more or fewer stations.

Location Accuracy for 6 Station Array

Location Accuracy for 11 Station Array

 Graph 1:  Location Accuracy for 6 Station Array                     Graph 2:  Location Accuracy for 11 Station Array