Maintenance & Support

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Gold Standard - 24/7 Real-time Support Services

Real-time seismic data networks are complex systems that require professional support. As the original equipment manufacturer, we will monitor the network in near real-time to ensure that the minimum detection threshold is maintained at all times. This monitoring includes continuous review of the local site noise as well as equipment performance monitoring. On-going network support including extended warranty and “at site service” is also available.



Screwpile deployment with bobcat and 2 field service engineersWe carefully select all equipment, including antennas, cabling, connector and lightning protection. We also produce our own communications control equipment with unique capabilities not generally found in other products. These features include serial port TDMA and flow control and outdoor environmental housings to eliminate the need for additional shelters.


A solid design and the right equipment are only part of the solution. The final element is the commissioning process in which the design must be successfully implemented. This is carried out using the talents and training of our experienced installation specialists.