Our Data Center

24/7 monitoring and on-call service

< 2 minutes for automatic event detection & notification

< 30 minutes for manual review of critical events 

Our 24/7 cloud-based data center offers data recording, transmission, processing, analysis and event notification services. The center is staffed with experts ready to provide data analysis at a moment’s notice for consultation during operational activities. Data arriving at the our data center will be processed in near real-time for automated real-time processing, manual post processing and optional enhanced data processing. You also have the option of receiving notifications within minutes if an event meets a certain criteria or threshold.

  • The system acquires data from your private network and from local and regional networks operated by government agencies in Canada, the US and around the world
  • Continuous on-line quality control confirms network performance and readiness
  • Magnitude is calibrated against regional networks
  • On-line real-time processing provides immediate feedback within seconds of an event
  • Analysts review of all significant activity in the region and its relationship to natural seismicity and operations
  • Regular reports on seismic activity in the region and its relationship to operations, if any, are provided


Workflow:  Data Acquisition, Processing, Archiving and Publishing 

Data Workflow: Acquisition, Processing, Archiving & Publising 

Athena: Real-time Operational Feedback - athena.nanometrics.ca

As part of our ISM solution, you’ll receive access to a secure, customized and branded copy of Athena, our easy-to-use data management, event cataloging and notification system that can be accessed via any web browser, from anywhere at any time.

You can browse the up-to-date event catalogue, view all recorded event source parameters and waveforms, select and download sections of the catalogue, plot frequency/magnitude relationships for event clusters, examine maps showing distribution of ground motions from each recorded event and track network seismicity rate to manage risks associated with induced seismicity in real time.

Athena also allows the distribution of near real-time and fully processed earthquake data via a wide range of channels or routes including email, SMS, RSS, Twitter, web pages, and Google Earth or GMT screen display.

Athena screenshot - Ground motions

 Athena screenshot - FMD plot

 Athena screenshot - Waveforms