Advanced Data Products

Our team of experts provides a valuable resource in the interpretation of your data. Their ongoing research in event imaging, improving location accuracies, fault plane solutions and cross-correlation detection can all be leveraged to increase the value of your data set.

In addition to standard products of seismic data such as event location and magnitude estimation, we also offer a wide variety of advanced analyses for individual events and event catalogues. 

  • Shake maps
  • Hazard maps
  • Moment Tensors
  • Beyond the catalogue (i.e. Moment Magnitude, Magnitude of Completeness, Estimating b-value)
  • Optimizing network results

These services include computing moment tensor solutions and calculating spatially varying magnitude of completeness and b-values for an earthquake catalogue. We are continually developing our analysis capabilities to obtain the most information possible from every network.  

               Moment tensors

USGS Did you feel it?





'Did you feel it?'  USGS Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale Associated with Shake Maps