Sensor selection is the critical first step in establishing an accurate and effective monitoring strategy

Trillium Compact Posthole Broadband seismometer near surfaceWhen the magnitude of an event determines whether operations continue or come to a halt, you need to be able to get a reliable moment magnitude. To get that accurate magnitude, it's necessary to use the right sensor. 

An accurate moment magnitude requires a faithful recording of broadband signal

There's a reason why seismologists use seismometers and not geophones: because they require broadband data to obtain an accurate magnitude. If the magnitude is driving your protocol, then you need the correct sensor. 

In many instances, providers will ignore the importance of low frequency data. As a sensor designer and manufacturer, we are uniquely qualified to advise you on the best sensor to select for your application, whether that be broadband data, high-frequency data or narrow band data. We will look carefully your requirements and select the instrument that's best suited for your needs. We offer a range of seismometers, from free field, high frequency seismometers to geophones for induced seismicity applications where low frequency is anticipated.