Microseismic Monitoring Solutions

Turnkey microseismic monitoring solutions from rapid, next day deployments to mission critical, semi-permanent networks

Microseismic broadband sensor in the fieldIntelligent data is required to manage operations where induced seismicity is occuring, so why not use what the experts use? Nanometrics will provide you with access to gold standard products and services, many of which are extensively used by the USGS and local geological surveys around the world.

We will help you to: 

  • Assess the risk
  • Design a monitoring strategy to meet your Mc and location accuracy objectives 
  • Provide the 24/7 coverage required to drive your protocols & decision making
Our systems provide you with the real-time intelligence required to manage risk and maintain operations.


Quantify the likely performance of your surface frac monitoring strategy

Broadband seismometer in permafrost, northern Canada

Nanometrics offers a wide range of monitoring strategies from burried arrays to temporary high density surface deployments which can be used to characterize frac completion and characterize your resevoir. Nanometrics proprietary surface or near-surface instrumentation provides the optimal noise performance and widest event detectability range available to monitor hydrofracking operations in real-time from a central location. Nanometrics surface array monitoring technique does not require observation wells and covers larger volumes of reservoir than is possible with seismic borehole tools alone.

Obtain the critical information required to better understand your problem

Broadband posthole seismometerWhen the purpose of your network is to detect and locate all events of a specified magnitude within a specified target zone, network design and choice of systems is very important in achieving the required minimum detection thresholds and location precision. Nanometrics is the leading provider of seismic equipment to governments and universities around the world and one of the very few companies with the expertise to deliver reliable results. When choosing Nanometrics, you will be selecting the same equipment as used by the BC Oil and Gas Commission, Natural Resources Canada and USGS.