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Turnkey microseismic monitoring solutions from rapid, next-day deployments to mission critical, semi-permanent networks

Turnkey microseismic monitoring deployment Northern CanadaWe will provide you with key information to facilitate full visibility into the effects that operations may have on the surrounding environment. We've designed and deployed real-time seismological networks on every continent and in every climate. As the world leader in seismological monitoring solutions, we offer a wide range of technology and expertise in event detection and location, magnitude calculation, magnitude of completeness, real-time data transmission/processing and rapid event notification. Using proprietary instrumentation and networking technology, we provide induced seismicity monitoring, surface microseismic and passive monitoring services and solutions.

For decades, Nanometrics has developed networks for monitoring seismic activity on a national, regional and local (microseismic) basis.


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Risk Management

Through the deployment of surface and near-surface arrays, we monitor the following in real-time:

■ Waste Water Injection        ■ Cap rock integrity       ■ Induced Seismicity      ■ Subsidence        


Athena Real-Time Event Notification and Publishing                                                                                                                                                                                   

Athena web catalog for seismic event monitoring     




The latest in scientific achievement…                        Infographic:  Sesimic Monitoring Solutions

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