IRIS selects Trillium 240 for Transportable Array


IRIS purchases forty Trillium 240s for USArray Transportable Array


The USArray component of the National Science Foundation's EarthScope project is a continental-scale seismic observatory designed to provide a foundation for integrated studies of continental lithosphere and deep earth structure over a wide range of scales.

To date, IRIS has taken delivery of approximately 90 seismometers including the Trilium 240, Trillium 120P and the Trilium 40. Scientists at IRIS have been pleased with the quality of the Trilliums and their consistent performance. IRIS performs a broad range of functional tests on all units received including verification of the seismometer self-noise floor.

The Trillium 240 seismometers will be used in the Transportable Array, a network of 400 temporary, three-component broadband seismometers deployed on a 70 km grid that will systematically cover the continental US and Alaska over the next decade. Each station operates remotely and transmits data in near real-time to the IRIS Data Management Center. The array records local, regional and teleseismic earthquakes, providing resolution of crustal and upper mantle structure on the order of tens of kilometers and increased resolution of structures in the lower mantle and of the core mantle boundary.

Sep 3, 2008

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