Nanometrics Announcement - New Strong Motion Instrumentation

Nanometrics is pleased to announce the addition of two new products to its current line of Strong Motion Instrumentation: the TitanSMA and TitanEA.  

Having established a new level of performance with the force-balance Titan Accelerometer, Nanometrics integrated the same Titan sensor technology with a new sigma-delta digitizer platform.  The result is a product line that offers industry-leading class “A” sensor performance at a price comparable to many class “B” products.  Users will appreciate the ease of use provided by the web based interface and simplified graphic user interface.  Recorded data is readily available via SD and/or USB or can be streamed online. An events page provides instant access to the recorded events of each instrument on the network or within a structure.

These products are ideal for Geophysical and Civil Engineering Research, Structural Monitoring, Civil Defense and Early Warning Systems. 

For more information download the full Product Announcement or go to our Strong Motion site:

Dec 4, 2011

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