Nanometrics Equipment Deployed in Indian Tsunami Early Warning System

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) selected Nanometrics for the upgrade and expansion of existing networks and the establishment of new seismological observatories. Nanometrics was awarded this tender based on its background and expertise in deploying large-scale mission critical seismic projects.
Nanometrics delivered a turnkey seismic surveillance monitoring system consisting of Trillium broadband seismometers, Taurus digitizers, real-time satellite telemetry and data center software for the acquisition (NAQS), analysis (Hydra), publication and notification of earthquakes (Athena).

All hardware and software required to implement the system were delivered on schedule. In the second phase of the project, Nanometrics installed USGS National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) Hydra analysis tools and Nanometrics’ Athena event publishing and notification software at the central site.

Hydra is world-class analysis software used daily at key seismic surveillance centers for the automatic location and magnitude determination of earthquake events. Magnitude calculations include Ml, Mw, Mwp, Mb, Md, Ms, and MbLg. Hydra also calculates MT and CMT solutions.

Nanometrics publishes the Hydra calculated earthquake location and magnitude in a user-friendly web format which includes maps and tables to both the general public and other seismologists and civil protection authorities. Athena allows the network operator to establish selected parameters and to have notifications sent via email or SMS to key individuals in IMD and other designated agencies.

In April 2009, IMD scientists visited Nanometrics headquarters in Kanata. The two-week intensive, hands-on training focused on Nanometrics software and hardware, seismometer theory and practice.