Peruvian Tsunami System

Nanometrics, a leading provider of seismological instruments and related network applications, has delivered a tsunami early warning system to the government of Peru. The system consists of broadband Trillium Seismometers, Libra II VSAT Network, Apollo Server, Antares Network Management software, Response Hydra event processing software, and Athena Enterprise event notification software.   Response Hydra generates a Centroid Moment Tensor solution that allows seismologists to determine the type of faulting that has occurred and the probability of a tsunami as a result.
The system will provide Peru with the ability to detect the approach of a tsunami caused by seismic activity in the Pacific Ocean. The Instituto Geofisico del Peru (IGP) issued an international tender and Nanometrics was successful in securing the contract. After the Chilean earthquake and consequent tsunami of February 23, 2010, IGP worked quickly to obtain funding and purchase and commission the Libra based tsunami-warning system. IGP is on track to implement this aggressive schedule within a 10-month period.
Nanometrics was able to ship the equipment to Peru within weeks of award of contract. The installation of the equipment will take place over the next several months as sites become available.  The early warning system was operational by the end of December 2010 with 5 of the 7 remotes installed and commissioned.

Nov 30, 2010

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