EAGE 2016 - Nanometrics Event Schedule - Booth #1001

The world's largest geosciences event is being held in Vienna from May 30 to June 2, and Nanometrics will be there.

Stop by our booth, #1001, to meet our Director of Operations or find out about our latest research at our oral presentation:

Title: Importance of Robust Attenuation Modeling in Magnitude-based Induced Seismicity Traffic Light Protocols - Western Alberta

Prompted by observed discrepancies in the magnitudes reported for large events within regions covered by magnitude–driven traffic light systems in western Alberta, we develop a regionally-calibrated ML formula using a rich ground-motion dataset. Examination of observed amplitudes from earthquakes and mining/quarry blasts suggest that both event types exhibit similar attenuation rates with a strong Moho bounce effect. We show that standard ML models fail to capture the attenuation attributes in the region, resulting in overestimated magnitudes. Our results highlight the importance of accurate region-specific modeling of attenuation attributes for induced seismicity traffic light applications.
Authors: D. Baturan (Nanometrics Inc.), E. Yennier (Nanometrics Inc.), S. Karimi (Nanometrics Inc.) & G. Atkinson (University of Western Ontario)
When: 16:45, May 31 
Where: Tu STZ0 16



May 25, 2016