1000th Trillium 40 Produced

The 1000th Trillium 40 recently passed production test and is en-route to its new owner. The Trillium 40 continues to enjoy widespread acceptance and success.

The success of the Trillium 40 can be attributed to its consistent performance and outstanding track record for reliable operation. Nanometrics' original goal was to design a seismometer that would “arrive alive”, not just on the first shipment but every time, to any destination.

Reviewing the data for all unit repairs, the mean time between failure (MTBF) stands at over 200 years.

The Trillium 40, 120P/PA and 240 share a common design and reliability record. With the ever increasing cost of field work and the importance of acquiring high quality data, Trillium seismometers provide an excellent return on investment. Every seismometer is individually tested prior to shipping to confirm unit self-noise performance.

All Trillium seismometers are manufactured on a “run rate”, ensuring sensors are available from stock. This approach continues to allow Nanometrics to ship all Trillium seismometer models (T40, T120P, T120PA and T240) within 30-90 days depending on quantity.

Sep 3, 2008

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