Nanometrics and Boaz Consultancy Announce PQLX Collaboration

Nanometrics, a leading provider of seismological instruments and related network applications, has entered into a strategic partnership with Boaz Consultancy to facilitate the further development of PQLX for fixed and portable seismic stations.

PQLX is essential for evaluating seismic station performance and ensuring high data quality.  Using waveform data and instrument response files, PQLX calculates trace statistics, Power Spectral Densities (PSD), and Probability Density Functions (PDF) allowing users to assess changes in site noise characteristics, instrument performance as well as identifying noise sources.

Richard Boaz, Director of Boaz Consultancy commented on the new partnership: “The backing of Nanometrics will allow Boaz Consultancy to focus on the development of PQLX on a full-time basis.  Nanometrics resources and expertise in seismic instrumentation and networks will be instrumental in taking PQLX to the next level for seismologists around the world.”

“This partnership will foster regular releases of new, standalone PQLX software as well as the integration of PQLX functionality in Nanometrics network management products” said Neil Spriggs, Co-President of Nanometrics.  Future developments include a product release (Spring 2011) featuring spectrogram processing with visual editing and multiple pdf/spectrogram displays, as well as a new enterprise version with automatic PDF review.

About Boaz Consultancy

With significant experience in the scientific communities, Boaz Consultancy offers a wide range of scientific and research oriented consulting services, including the design and implementation of analytical systems that assist the scientist in furthering the understanding of our world and our place in it.  Boaz Consultancy is strategically poised to help scientists realize highly successful projects.

Mar 31, 2011

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