Natural Resources Canada chooses Nanometrics for upgrade of national seismic network

The first of hundreds of seismic instruments have shipped from Nanometrics’ manufacturing facility in west Ottawa, headed across the city to Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).

NRCan, the government department that supports the responsible development and use of Canada’s natural resources, awarded the $4.6m contract to Ottawa-based Nanometrics at the end of May, following a competitive bidding process. The expenditure will recapitalize and modernize the equipment used in the Canadian National Seismograph Network, a cross-Canada network operated by the Geological Survey of Canada. The contract includes the purchase of Trillium 120QA seismometers for monitoring regional seismicity, Titan accelerometers for monitoring strong ground motion, Centaur digitizers, associated software and training as well as an option to purchase additional equipment in the future.

The updated infrastructure will improve network reliability and data quality to help researchers identify the location and magnitude of earthquakes. The value of this data includes reducing disaster response time, supporting seismic research, informing emergency planning and improving earthquake-resistance provisions in the National Building Code.

“Our reputation has long been one of superior quality and performance. And because of our highly manufacturable product designs, scalable production capacity and performance of our Canadian supply chain, we’re able to respond quickly to this level of demand,” says Neil Spriggs, CEO of Nanometrics.

Adds Peter Devanney, senior sales manager for Canada, Europe and Africa, “As a Canadian company and the world’s leader in seismic solutions, we’re very pleased to have been chosen to provide Canadian innovation to support the valuable work of the Geological Survey of Canada.”

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Mairi Miller
Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing
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Jun 17, 2016