Nanometrics Announces New Down-Hole Sensor Portfolio

Nanometrics Announces New Down-Hole Sensor Portfolio

Nanometrics, a leading provider of seismological instruments and related network applications, announces a new line of down-hole seismometers.  Nanometrics industry leading portfolio of Trillium Seismometers now includes several down-hole variants that will revolutionize the way seismologists deploy instruments and collect seismic data. The Trillium down-hole sensors are ideal for local, regional and tele-seismic studies having a response flat to velocity from 120 seconds to 145 Hz and a self noise below the NLNM from 35 seconds to 10 Hz. Operators will appreciate the low power consumption, automatic mass centering and robust no-mass lock design inherent in all Trillium seismometers.


The Trillium Posthole (PH) is a very broadband seismometer designed for “shallow” down-hole deployments. The instrument is housed in a stainless steel enclosure incorporating a high-pressure marine grade connector making it ideally suited to uncased buried installations. An advanced leveling system allows the unit to operate over a tilt range of +/-10 degrees.  The instrument has been extensively tested at the USGS Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory with excellent results.  The test results can be viewed here.  Posthole Test Results

The Trillium PH is also available in a narrow diameter variant where the 10 degree tilt range is not required.  This instrument features the same performance characteristics as the 10 degree variant but with an outer diameter of only 143 mm and a tilt range of 5 degrees.


For cased borehole deployments hundreds of metres deep, Nanometrics offers the Trillium Borehole (BH).  The Trillium BH features the same sensor performance as the Trillium PH with an outer diameter of 143 mm and a holelock mechanism. The hole-lock was specifically designed to facilitate effective sensor coupling to the hole casing as well as easy removal for redeployments. Read More

Trillium Compact Downhole

The world’s best selling seismometer, the Trillium Compact, is now available in a down-hole configuration.  With an outer diameter of only 96 mm, the Compact Downhole can be deployed at depths of 30 m or more. The new Compact Downhole features a waterproof connector and stainless steel enclosure and is available in 120s or 20s variants.  The 20s version of the seismometer features 10 degrees of tilt tolerance to aid installation when the sensor cannot be leveled from the surface.

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Aug 23, 2012

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