Nanometrics detects a 4.6Mb earthquake located 67 km NW of Ottawa, Canada

Nanometrics Detects 4.6 Mb Earthquake

Breaking News:  At 9:43 am EST today, Nanometrics detected a 4.6Mb earthquake located 67 km NW of Ottawa, Canada.  The earthquake was felt in Ottawa, ON, and the surrounding region.  Within minutes of the event,  the company detected and located the earthquake using precision seismological instrumentation and software for seismological and environmental research.  Instrumentation from as far away as the GeoSciences BC Horn River seismicity-monitoring array in Northern British Columbia and  the Bayou Corne array in Louisiana detected this event.  (See the earthquake waveforms below)

Progress Update 14:30 pm EST:  Rapid aftershock deployment using Nanometrics instrumentation, National Resources Canada

Calvin Andrews, Field Support Technologist, National Resources Canada, arrived at Nanometrics this afternoon to collect his order for seismological instrumentation a little earlier than planned.  After this morning's 4.6 Mb earthquake, it was decided that an aftershock study needed to be performed.  Calvin and the seismic field crew are driving immediately to Shawville, Quebec, which is near the epicenter of the earthquake.  The team will deploy and co-locate a Trillium Compact broadband seismometer with a Titan strong motion accelerometer.  These high precision instruments will augment the existing seismic network which will increase the resolution of the seismic data that they use in the ongoing study of earthquakes.

aftershock seismic study, national resources canada

Calvin Andrews, shown here holding a Titan strong motion acclerometer (L)
and Trillium Compact seismometer (R)


aftershock study, seismic, national research canada

NRCan Field Crew Leaving Nanometrics for Shawville, Quebec


Waveforms from the May 17, 2013 earthquake:


:Horn River Seismicity Array Geoscience BC microseismic array

Geoscience BC array, Horn River, British Colombia, Canada


Texas Brine, Bayou Corne Sink Hole, microseismic array

Seismic Station LA10, Bayou Corne array, Louisiana, USA 

Located in Kanata, ON, Nanometrics is a world-class provider of instrumentation, network technology and software applications.   Deployed in over 100 countries on every continent, Nanometrics real-time and portable systems are utilized by the world’s leading scientific institutions, universities, corporations and test ban treaty monitoring organizations.

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May 17, 2013

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