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"Microseismic network performance estimation without a catalogue: Avoiding false negatives in traffic light protocols"

Wednesday, June 18th at 8:30 am
Session Title: Microseismic Instrumentation and Detection
Location: Room E103


Abstract:  The design of networks for monitoring induced seismicity is of critical importance as specific standards of performance must be met.  On e of the challenges involved in designing networks for induced seismicity is that it is difficult to determine whether or not the network meets these standards without first developing an earthquake catalog.  We develop a tool that can assess two key measures of network performance: location accuracy and magnitude of completeness, without an earthquake catalog.  We apply this tool to a case study in Alberta.  The magnitude of completeness and location accuracy for an existing seismic network employing traffic light protocols is compared with the results of an expanded network in which three stations have been added.  Because no earthquake catalog is necessary we are able to predict hypothetical station performance and assess overall network performance for purely hypothetical arrays.  We find that the addition of stations to low noise regions has a greater impact on network performance than the addition to high noise regions.  Our results highlight the importance of site noise considerations in seismic network design.


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Jun 11, 2014

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