Nanometrics Response Files Now Available

February 17, 2015, Ottawa, Canada – We are pleased to announce that nominal response files for all of our instruments are immediately available. In our continued effort to provide open platforms and accessibility to all of our products, we have worked closely with IRIS-PASSCAL to ensure that response files* in SEED format for all of our sensor and digitizer instruments are accessible and available to you.


You now have three options for accessing instrument response information:


  • ​​Response files are published  in the IRIS DMC Library of Nominal Responses for Seismic Instruments. IRIS also provides software tools, such as PDCC, for combining and customizing response files.

2.   Nanometrics Technical Support Site:
  • We have published the files on our technical support site. There are five zip file archives of response files available: Sensors, Taurus/Trident, Centaur, Titan Accelerographs, and Meridian. Each includes a Readme.pdf that explains the use of the included response files.

3.   Athena Software, version 2.8 (available March 2015):  
  • Responses can also be generated using our Athena event catalog, publishing and response file generation software. Athena can store station response metadata and generate response files in dataless Seed and RESP formats. Version 2.1 includes Nanometrics complete suite of instruments.


Need more help?

Please contact our Technical Support team should you have any questions:  I

A member of our technical support team would be happy to step you through the process required to use the IRIS PDCC software tool, for example. Depending on your instrument configuration and requirements, we may be able to help you prepare a customized response file for your particular configuration. Please contact us for more details.


N.B. Our vintage software tools, such as the ‘Response’ and ‘TResponse’ utilities, are no longer supported and may contain outdated information.


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*Response files describe the signal input/output response of a sensor and/or digitizer in SEED format. Two formats are provided: SEED RESP (readable ascii format), and dataless SEED (binary format).

Feb 17, 2015