Compliance with new BC OGC guidance made easy

On June 1st, new ground motion monitoring requirements from the BC Oil & Gas Commission came into affect. Our solutions, which combine superior instrumentation and a proven service record with cost effectiveness, ensure that BC operators will not only comply with BC OGC's latest guidance, but will be ideally positioned to meet any enhanced monitoring requirements in the future

Our exceptionally accurate yet surprisingly affordable Titan Posthole accelerometer is designed for direct burial, meaning no civil works or site preparation required. It's 800 times more sensitive than the mandated minimum detectable ground motion of 0.02g, allowing you to detect small events, compute source parameters and track the rate of seismicity over time.

Our data loggers and sensors are pre-configured at our factory, and arrive ready to meet BC OGC recording requirements and immediate integration with existing seismic networks. Our small-footprint standalone stations can be deployed in under two hours by a single person. And AC or solar-powered with battery backup ensures continuous operation in case of power failures.

We offer turnkey deployment led by our own experts or we can train the operator's field staff for autonomous use of station equipment. This includes once-per-deployment data download and a ground motion processing report from our data centre, provided in BC OGC-specified format. And with the addition of our data streaming and real-time processing services through our seismic data management system Athena, operators are able to monitor seismicity in real time along with ground motion-based notifications via SMS or email.
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Jun 10, 2016