Taurus in India

Nanometrics personnel were recently invited by India’s National Geophysical Research Institute (N.G.R.I) located in Hyderabad to witness the successful field deployment of 48 Taurus portable seismographs during a control source experiment.

A team of twenty scientists and engineers traveled southeast from Hyderabad on a 5 hour journey taking them to the Andhra Pradesh region located near the Krishna River. With the assistance of staff from the regional cement factory, a total of 2.4 tonnes of explosives were placed in multiple shallow holes

Each Taurus seismograph was configured with a 40 GB disk drive, GPS antenna, and battery and then connected to a three-channel 4.5 Hz geophone. With the Taurus’ low power consumption and tremendous data storage capacity, data was recorded continuously throughout the day.

The portability of the Taurus seismograph and the ease of installation allowed all 48 units to be deployed in less than two hours

Two shots were detonated during the day, each shot consisting of roughly 1.2 tonnes of explosives. The on-board 2.5” colour LCD display and near real-time waveform output allowed the NGRI scientists to observe the data being recorded.

Following the field visit, all the Taurus portable seismographs were connected to NGRI’s local network for data retrieval. Using Nanometrics’ Apollo Central Software with the active source module, SEG-Y data for each shot was retrieved from all Taurus units automatically. Complete datasets for both shots were obtained in less than 5 minutes.

The field experiment proved to be beneficial for NGRI scientists as they plan future projects to provide them with further insight into the earth beneath India. 

Nov 30, 2005