Nanometrics launches new high-performance Trillium 360 in a big way

Nanometrics’ new Trillium 360 was welcomed to the market with a $1.2 million USD order from the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

The very broadband borehole seismometer meant for high-performance seismic monitoring will be installed as part of the upgrades to the Global Seismograph Network (GSN). Currently available in both posthole and borehole formats with a vault format coming soon, the Trillium 360 is ideal for monitoring at a global level, where station density is low and stations are typically installed in very remote locations. Because of their increased dynamic range, USGS will be able to better detect long- and very-long period earthquakes.

After hearing about promising results from Scripps’s testing of the 360 at the Pinon Flat Observatory in southern California, USGS requested their own prototype 360’s to install at their Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory. The 360’s outstanding performance during testing led to the initial order, with subsequent orders being discussed as the upgrading of the GSN’s 150+ stations continues.

“This order really reinforces our position as the world’s leader in downhole seismic monitoring technology,” says CEO Neil Spriggs. “Not only were we able to demonstrate the superiority of the 360 during testing, but with the scalability and agility of our manufacturing process, USGS can rely on us to deliver an exceptional product on time.”

Sep 28, 2016

Tags: Announcements, General News