Seismometer Sales to Academia Sinica's Institute of Earth Sciences Top 150

Academia Sinica is one of Asia's premier research and educational institutions. Sinica's Institute of Earth Sciences (IES) is one of several long-term Nanometrics customers in Asia. IES has purchased over 150 seismometers of all types from the original Trillium 40 to the latest Compact model. In addition to deploying them in local networks, IES has also provided several seismometers to SE Asian countries as part of technical cooperation projects.

IES, in conjunction with the Institute of Space Science of National Central University (NCU), operates a Libra VSAT network with 2 central sites, one located at Sinica and one at the NCU campus. Dual central sites allow for 100% redundancy should one site fail during a strong earthquake. Seismic sites, which require only a view of the satellite in the sky, are located on remote islands and are intended to provide better geometrical topology to the existing Taiwan stations.

In January 2009, Nanometrics installed two central sites and provided training for members of Academia Sinica and NCU. Training included a course in Libra system, Data Aquisition software and seismometer operations.