Libra Stations Deployed in Haiti


The earthquake in Haiti resulted in unfathomable devastation. The 7 magnitude quake, lasting only 35 seconds, leveled buildings, killing and injuring hundreds of thousands of people. The suffering that resulted is incomprehensible and has resonated worldwide.

With no infrastructure, no power and rarely functioning telecommunications, foreign agencies faced a logistical nightmare coming to the aid of Haiti’s broken population.

Natural Resources Canada recognized the need for immediate seismic information and called on Nanometrics Titan, Trillium and Libra technology. This technology allowed for rapid response of the initial installation of Haiti’s first seismic monitoring network and three Libra stations were promptly deployed along the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault.

Within six days of notification, Libra equipment shipped from Canada began transmitting real-time data from Haiti directly to Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) in Ottawa. The data was, and continues to be, immediately available to scientists all over the world, despite the absence of any local infrastructure.

The USGS NEIC receives real-time feed from Haitian seismic sites via the GSC hub. NEIC personnel recently commented that the data is of excellent quality and is welcomed as the only 6-channel real-time data sent directly from Haiti.

Each remote station consists of the Cygnus VSAT transceiver, two Trident 24-bit digitisers, a Trillium 120P broadband seismometer and Titan accelerometer. The installation of low-noise broadband seismometers and low-noise, high dynamic range accelerometers enable the station to capture the full spectrum of seismic events.

Libra is perfectly suited for austere conditions. The equipment is small, robust, and quick to deploy. Libra’s very low power consumption requires only a small solar installation. No environmental shelters are needed as the Cygnus mounts directly on the back of the VSAT antenna while the Trident digitisers are co-located with the sensors. These attributes make it an ideal solution for deployment in Haiti.

Nanometrics continues to support humanitarian efforts in Haiti and would like to thank the GSC for their rapid deployment and the Canadian government for Canada’s leadership role in the overall Haitian response.

To view NRC real time data from Haiti, click on the following link:

To read more about Seismic Network monitoring in Haiti, please visit CanWest News Service at the following link:

Jun 24, 2010

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