Civil Engineering

Obtaining reliable seismic data in real time and post event is crucial to determining the state-of-health of a structure. We provide all the necessary hardware, software and project management expertise to monitor large structures (such as dams, bridges, nuclear reactors, power plants or multi-storey buildings), new buildings or historical buildings and structures. 

With our expertise in civil engineering research and consulting, we can:

  • Understand the response of structures to seismic events
  • Instrument an existing structure to analyze its seismic performance
  • Use instrumentation data to conduct seismic studies and site surveys
  • Instrument new structures and monitor civil structures
  • Observe that the seismic performance criteria have been met upon completion of structure
  • Monitor the structure for the duration of its lifetime

If you're an asset owner or operator, we can help you to:

  • Monitor ongoing structural health of civil structures
  • Monitor the structure’s response to environmental impacts
  • Develop an instrumentation strategy

If you're a plant or facility manager, we can help you to:

  • Mitigate expensive unplanned shutdowns and outages
  • Monitor real-time response of a structure for immediate safety reasons and operational integrity
  • Continuously monitor for a threshold of acceleration
  • Make informed post-event decisions based on accurate real-time data
  • Develop earthquake protocols & update safety upgrades program
  • Satisfy insurance requirements for safety processes

Our expertise in building monitoring means you can

  • Meet building code requirements and safety regulations
  • Seismic monitoring of multi-storey buildings

Site Surveys & Analysis

In some instances, it's important to undertake a seismic study before purchasing a seismic monitoring system. We offer seismic site surveys and data analysis that will identify and characterize the local site noise benchmark and help mitigate false triggers. Once a site noise analysis has been performed, we create and provide a system design along with a proposal for a customized solution with recommendations for the permanent instrumentation of the site/facility. We'll even help you determine how to integrate and optimize the seismic monitoring system into your facility/structure. Please contact us for more information. 

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