Taurus Digital Seismograph

Designed to interface with almost any sensor, the Taurus offers industry-leading performance and versatility in a field portable seismograph.

This lightweight, hand-held instrument can record continuous data for over 800 days operating at a mere 750mw. Consisting of a high-resolution 24-bit ADC, a precision GPS clock, and removable internal storage capabilities of up to 64G, the Taurus combines all the attributes of a stand-alone recorder with the benefits of internet and wireless communications.

User interface is simplified through an integrated colour graphics display and a five-button keypad providing instant access to real-time or recorded data. MiniSEED files are recorded directly to FAT32 formatted removable media (Compact Flash), allowing users to seamlessly transfer files to a PC or laptop for immediate analysis. 

The Taurus simplifies field deployments by eliminating the need for auxiliary peripherals such as laptops and breakout boxes. Applications:

  • Broadband seismic studies
  • Emergency networks
  • Strong Motion Studies
  • Aftershock studies
  • Seismic networking via internet   
  • Controlled source recording
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Infrasound data acquisition
  • Local site storage in Libra VSAT Networks



  • Excellent data quality with 24-bit resolution and precise GPS timing

  • Hand-held, all-in-one seismograph capable of interfacing with any modern broadband or short period sensor with a single cable

  • Suitable for long-term deployments with >800 day recording capacity

  • Efficient, low-power design requires only 750mw while acquiring 3 channels at 100 sps. Taurus can operate remotely on a 10Ah battery and 18W solar panel

  • Convenient data retrieval using internal, yet accessible, hot-swap media (FAT 32 compact flash)

  • Real-time data streaming capability for network applications via UDP/IP multicast and http over 10/100 Base-T Ethernet or the serial data port (SLIP) as well as dial-up or wireless internet connections

  • Integrated display provides access to various acquisition, monitoring, configuration and instrument status web pages.

  • Easily interpreted web page display format provides onboard and remote access to real-time and historic data, GPS status, instrument configuration, and field procedures

  • Data output provided in industry standard formats, including miniSEED, sorted miniSEED, ASCII, SEISAN and SEG-Y

For specifications please contact sales_mkt@nanometrics.ca