Trillium 360 Borehole

Our Trillium family now includes the best very broadband borehole seismometer on the market!

The Trillium 360 BH is the highest performing borehole seismometer available. The Trillium 360 BH meets GSN operational requirements and is ideal anytime you want better understanding of seismicity on a global scale.


The Trillium Borehole 360 offers:

  • the lowest magnetic sensitivity of any broadband seismometer
  • a fail-safe holelock release mechanism that prevents jamming to the casement during removal
  • an extended low-frequency range useful out to beyond a 10,000-second time period
  • a high-pressure, marine-grade connector
  • self-correction over a tilt range of +/-5 degrees
  • the ability to resolve below Peterson's new low-noise model (NLNM) down to a 300-second time period
  • a wide dynamic range with a clip level of +/-18.2 mm/s up to 10 Hz and +/-0.17g > 10 Hz


















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