Trillium Cascadia

The Trillium Cascadia is the result of marrying the world's best class A accelerometer with the world's most popular seismometer. This dual-use, ultra-wide dynamic range sensor measures both strong motion and weak motion, with absolutely no compromise in performance. And with one hole to dig, a single connector, a single cable and sensors that are guaranteed to be mutually aligned to north, proper deployment is virtually effortless.

Why Trillium Cascadia?

Highly portable, easy to install, no vault required

Will never go off scale

Ideally suited for applications where the amplitude range is unpredictable

Suitable for harsh environments, resistant to flooding

Minimal site footprint

Each sensor independently serviceable

Low cost of deployment/low cost of ownership

Maximizes scientific return on investment







If you're measuring both strong and weak motion, consider our new Cascadia Integration Kit. Click here for more information.