Trillium Compact Broadband Seismometer

The Trillium Compact offers low-noise broadband seismometer performance with physical dimensions comparable to geophones. It measures only 5.04 inches in height and requires no mass lock or mass centering.

Its exceptionally high clip level of 26 mm/s permits on-scale recording of larger events closer to the source. It features an Integrated web server for efficient instrument management and ultra-low power consumption of just 160 mW.

The Trillium Compact is available in several variants to facilitate vault, surface or buried downhole deployments.

The 120s variant incorporates a symmetric triaxial force feedback sensor design with a response flat to velocity from 120 seconds to 100Hz.

The 20s version features the same force feedback sensor design with a response flat to velocity from 20 seconds to 100Hz, as well as industry-leading tilt tolerance of 10 degrees, making deployments very fast and efficient in various surface conditions. Several base foot options are available for different terrains.

The Trillium Compact Posthole, available in 120s and 20s variants, features a stainless steel enclosure and waterproof connector ideally suited for downhole deployments.


Nanometrics’ Trillium Compact might be right for you if:

  • You’re looking for the superior performance of a broadband seismometer with the installation convenience of a rugged geophone

  • You want improved noise floor at high frequency

  • You value easy deployment and minimized site preparation

  • You don’t want to sacrifice station reliability for low operating costs










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