AI Analyst Machine Learning 

Strategic Intelligence Fueled by Science


All Nanometrics monitoring services are powered by industry-leading AI Analyst machine learning processing algorithms. This advanced processing complements our traditional data processing and provides more complete results in faster timelines, giving our customers the ability to quickly and accurately interpret large data sets. 


Advanced AI Analyst data processing is included as a standard feature with all Nanometrics monitoring services, providing the information necessary to make important, operational decisions at critical milestones. 


Induced Seismic Monitoring (ISM) Induced Seismic Monitoring


AI Analyst matches the accuracy of a live analyst for well constrained events, greatly reducing pick time, increasing accuracy and limiting analyst bias which enables complete, accurate and consistent assessment of target region seismicity in near real-time. 


Passive Frac Imaging (PFI) Passive Seismic

Advanced machine learning is used for noise suppression and event QC algorithms to greatly increase the SNR and generate more detectable and locatable events with our hydraulic fracturing monitoring service.



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