Ian Talbot CEOIan Talbot


Delving into every aspect of the business from manufacturing to marketing, Ian works closely with our executive and management teams to develop the long-term strategy and infrastructure necessary to continually expand the scope of what Nanometrics can achieve. Driven by a desire to unravel complex challenges and form optimal solutions, Ian has been instrumental in building the framework for the company’s continued growth and success across our broad international customer base. Joining Nanometrics in 2006 as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations, Ian has been an integral part of the executive team for over 15 years. He is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Management Accountants in the UK and holds an honors degree in accounting as well as a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration.



David Alexander CFODavid Alexander


David is a seasoned executive who brings a wealth of leadership experience in the areas of business transformation, growth, and international trade. At Nanometrics, David is focused on delivering sustainable and predictable growth for the business. Finding innovative ways to invest in people, processes, and research and development to realize growth is what makes him tick.
David has over 30 years of experience in finance and accounting, and holds an undergraduate degree in Accounting from the London Metropolitan University in the U.K., and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.



Bruce Townsend CTOBruce Townsend


With a diverse background in high-tech product and technology development, Bruce’s leadership and vision have been critical elements in the continued evolution of our integrated solutions strategy. Leading Nanometrics’ seismology instrumentation business unit in close collaboration with the scientific community, Bruce’s mission is to provide high quality instrumentation, solutions and support that are ideally suited to achieving the science goals of our users, with performance, reliability and ease-of-use always in mind. Bruce joined the Nanometrics team in 2003 and has served in a number of senior leadership roles focusing on product, technology and business development. He also has many years experience in the telecommunications industry with Nortel and Bell-Northern Research. Bruce holds a bachelor degree in electrical engineering (honours) from McGill University.



Dario BaturanDario Baturan


With over two decades of experience designing, developing and delivering seismic monitoring solutions world-wide, Dario was instrumental in the formation of our services business unit. Drawing on his extensive industry experience, Dario leads the development and delivery of our mission-critical monitoring services that utilize innovative business models and leading edge technology to provide our clients across various markets with the key geophysical data products required to manage risk and maintain business continuity. Joining Nanometrics in 2002, Dario has progressed through the organization to become the head of the services as well as a key member of our executive team. Dario has a B.Eng. in Computer Systems Engineering from Carleton University.


Tim HaymanTim Hayman


Having been involved with the company since its earliest days, Tim leads the tandem development of software and hardware,  ensuring that our world-renowned seismic instrumentation is complemented with equally impressive software that leverages the latest technological advances. Tim’s passion for new and emerging technology has allowed us to lead the industry in providing intuitive, integrated seismology solutions that vastly improve the user experience. Initially joining Nanometrics in 1986, Tim relocated to California to be part of the emerging online industry from 1995 to 2004, before rejoining Nanometrics in 2004 as an integral part of the Nanometrics Executive team. Tim has a bachelor of applied science in computer engineering from the University of Toronto.


Vani Edwardson


With over 20 years of experience in high-tech, Vani is a seasoned, strategic business leader with cross-industry expertise and a proven track record in delivering B2B product, services, and digital marketing programs. Vani oversees all aspects of marketing and brand communications to create awareness, and drive demand and loyalty across all channels, for Nanometrics’s innovative product and services portfolio. Vani has an MBA with a specialization in International Strategic Marketing from the University of Ottawa, and a Masters Degree in Public Administration and International Development Management from Carleton University.


Marni Francis


With a background in Learning and Development, Employee Relations and Talent Management, Marni is at the forefront of cultivating and refining our corporate culture. Working closely with all areas of the business, Marni guides the development of the organizational structure, tools, process and roles required for Nanometrics continued growth and success. Passionate about employee development and performance management, Marni has instituted learning and development programs that ensure our team members flourish in their roles and careers. Joining Nanometrics in 2016, Marni has steadily built up the Human Resources and Organizational development function at Nanometrics. She earned a BSc in Biology from Carleton University and is also a Certified Human Resources Professional.


In Memory 

Neil SpriggsNeil Spriggs


Joining Nanometrics in 1992, Neil progressed to Co-CEO in 2010 and finally to CEO in 2015. Neil was instrumental in transforming the company from a small instrumentation manufacturer into an industry leading seismology solution provider. Leading the company until his death in a tragic accident in February 2021, Neil leaves a lasting legacy of expanding the boundaries of seismic research by providing our clients with innovative and intuitive instrumentation and services. Neil had over 25 years of experience in the seismology industry and was highly respected amongst his colleagues, peers and customers.