In the world's most demanding environment you need an OBS solution that is proven to provide results 

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Ocean Bottom System


Nanometrics has a long history of developing reliable, high-performing Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBS) which have earned a reputation for rugged dependability. The long-standing collaboration between Nanometrics and Scripps Institution of Oceanography has led to a joint R&D partnership that integrates Scripps’ industry-leading OBS technology with Nanometrics’ OBS seismometers and the revolutionary, new Pegasus digitizer technology.

Ensuring successful outcomes for every deployment 

We offer a range of ocean bottom options for institutes, from individual components to fully integrated systems for your experiment. We also provide custom solutions tailored to your monitoring and experiment requirements. Our OBS systems are designed for deployments in shallow, intermediate, and deep water up to 6,000 m, for durations ranging from days to over two years. OBS system components consist of:

  • Experiment planning

  • Sensing 

  • Deployment
Trillium Compact Ocean Bottom Seismometer device
  • Data Management
, handling and management

Science Ready Data

The Pegasus series of digitizers are a revolution in size, weight and power consumption while maintaining the fidelity and versatility of a modern broadband data acquisition system. The class-leading low power consumption significantly reduces battery requirements and overall OBS system size and weight. With a boot time of a few seconds, smart sensor auto configuration and the ability to recover one year of data in just 1-2 minutes, Pegasus is optimized for simplicity and ease-of-use ensuring the highest possible data quality and availability from even the most demanding environments.

Modernizing the way you collect and process your dataOBS

Data recovery is via lightning-fast USB 3.0, where one year of data can be seamlessly downloaded ready for processing in just 1-2 minutes (1 GB/10 s). Pegasus operators have the option of utilizing the Nanometrics Cloud based Deployment Manager which provides all the tools required to archive, distribute, verify, audit and process the data collected. Advanced platform tool sets allow users to take high volumes of raw data right through to research-grade catalogs benefiting from our state-of-the-art machine learning, advanced beamforming and template matching algorithms.

If you are a system integration reseller and want to incorporate our components, please contact us for more information.