Key Attributes


Deliberately designed with every modular component thoughtfully integrated to provide the most intuitive experience, the Pegasus ecosystem and workflow has been developed to help make all aspects of a monitoring campaign as efficient and effective as possible. 

A streamlined, comprehensive workflow

The Pegasus system is optimized for simplicity and ease-of-use at every step of the experiment, ensuring the highest possible data quality and availability from even the most demanding project environments. 


Pegasus Workflow


The Pegasus mobile application makes the digitizer interface and experiment parameters available on each member of the deployment team’s phone. This easy-to-use field interface allows staff with any level of experience to deploy and service stations with ease. 

When the time comes to harvest data, the Pegasus system outputs complete ready-to-use datasets that are easily transferred onto a centralized storage device using either the Pegasus harvesting utility or the ruggedized portable harvesting device. 

Robust Data Retrievallaptop with harvester application

Easily retrieve ready-to-use data consisting of MiniSEED and StationXML organized in an effective, customizable file structure. No post-harvesting work is required to convert, compile, and curate data sets.


The Pegasus mobile app will soon include ancillary experiment data recorded during or following the campaign to capture and share field notes, logs, photos, and any other experiment details.

Quick and Efficient

Pegasus was built for speed and efficiency at every stage of the experiment: 

  • Boot time of less than 10 seconds
  • Define station templates ahead of time for quick and efficient deployment in the field, no on-site configuration needed
  • plug+play functionality with Nanometrics sensors enables automatic station configuration 
  • Rapid data collection - retrieve one month of data in under 10 seconds
  • Ready-to-use MiniSEED and StationXML experiment data, no post-harvesting work required to convert or curate data

Modularity and Versatility

The modular design of the Pegasus provides exceptional flexibility and versatility. This highly adaptable system allows you to conduct experiments with any sensor, any density for any duration.

Broad Sensor Compatibility

Pegasus offers versatile instrument compatibility while still maintaining the same intuitive workflow for any type of experiment.


sensor range

Versatile Power Options

With modularity at the forefront of the Pegasus design, you have the flexibility to select the power source that suits your experiment. The broad compatibility with any 9 to 17v DC power source allows you to select batteries that suit the experiment duration, location and transportation logistics.


The available Nanometrics SMART lithium ion battery packs have been designed to provide maximum capacity in a low weight yet rugged form factor to enable efficient deployment, transportation and logistics. Nanometrics SMART battery provides 15 days of continuous deployment when paired with a Trillium Compact Posthole and can be daisy-chained and/or connected with solar panels to extend experiment durations. pegasus with height and length measurements

Low Size, Weight & Power (SWaP)

Pegasus is a revolution in size, weight and power while maintaining the fidelity and versatility of a modern broadband data acquisition system. The class-leading power consumption significantly reduces battery requirements, overall station size, and weight, allowing for the efficient deployment of more stations for a longer period of time. 


Pegasus Data Acquisition system can be paired with a range of low-power, high performance seismometers in our Low-Power Solution series of instruments.





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