We understand the search for scientific knowledge, the desire to make known what was previously unknown or to better understand what was once not well understood. It’s a big part of what drives us every day.


We also understand that when it comes to science and research, there’s no such thing as outcome certainty... except when it comes to the performance of your seismic monitoring solutions. When the success of your research depends on your ability to gather sufficient high-quality seismic data with a limited window of opportunity, it’s critical that your equipment is reliable, rugged and easy to use.


Scientists from around the world have been trusting their research to Nanometrics for decades, knowing that we design and manufacture our seismic monitoring equipment with the most challenging use cases in mind. We offer some of the most portable, easy-to-deploy yet high performing sensors and digitizers that can be used in a wide range of environments.


In the fields of seismology to astrophysics and beyond, our solutions have been part of scientific discoveries large and small for decades.


Postholes on the ice