If you’re interested in accelerations from 0.001 to 2 g + and frequencies from 0 to 100 Hz or more, our strong motion line is for you.

Our strong motion solutions are built around our world-leading, Class-A Titan accelerometer, with its exceptional dynamic range and ultra-low self noise. It’s the most rugged, reliable and highest performing force-balance, triaxial accelerometer available for structural monitoring, civil defense/early warning and energy production applications.  

Structural monitoring

For reliable real-time and post-event seismic data that’s crucial for determining the state-of-health of a structure, there are no better structural monitoring solutions on the market. We can also provide you with complete systems, including a site survey to identify a local site noise benchmark and make recommendations for the permanent instrumentation of a plant. 


Civil defense & early warning

Our strong motion sensors are ideal for early warning or civil defense systems, where accuracy, reliability and low latency are critical to minimizing death, injury and damage.  


Ground motion monitoring

Monitoring ground motions associated with larger or potentially damaging events using accelerometers is an increasingly important aspect of induced seismicity monitoring and civil engineering. Our solutions make compliance with any ground motion monitoring regulations simple and straightforward.