Health and safety at Nanometrics is governed by a Health and Safety Board, which oversees the internal Joint Health and Safety Committee and the Field Operations Safety Committee. 


Health and SafetyThe Field Operations Safety Committee ensures that all staff and subcontractors follow the HSE legislation of the province, state or other jurisdiction in which the work is being carried out. We strive to ensure that our customers and our employees are safe and healthy wherever they are in the world. To date our field crews have not lost any hours due to an HSE incident.


Planning for safety

The most important aspect of managing field operations is ensuring that they are conducted in a safe manner, in compliance with all applicable HSE policies. This starts with planning. Our planning prior to mobilization includes a pre-job hazard assessment, a review of client-specific and project-specific HSE requirements, creating a job-specific emergency response plan, planning for any ground disturbances (for any digging more than 30cm deep) and ensuring all travel to and from the site is done in a safe and responsible manner.



Overall performance is tied to safety

For our field staff, all potential minor and major HSE policy violations and incidents are tracked, reported, discussed and assigned an appropriate HSE score deduction, with the HSE score accounting for a percentage of the employee’s annual performance review. HSE points can also be earned through HSE policy improvement suggestions and successful implementation of customer or Nanometrics management recommendations.

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