By designing for repeatability and focusing on quality assurance, strategic supply chain management and scalability, we ensure that our production capacity is perfectly aligned with our ongoing growth in market share. In April 2017, we expanded our Class 10,000 cleanroom, effectively doubling our sensor production capacity.

This is what differentiates us from a “craftsman” production approach where each sensor is individually assembled and tuned over a long lead time.

Trillium Compact Posthole assembly in manufacturing clean room environment
    Trillium Compact Posthole seismometer assembly in a modern clean room environment

We’ve developed a world-class supply chain 

A world-class supply chain is essential to scalability. We’ve invested significant time and resources to source the best components from all over the world, while thoroughly vetting all suppliers. Key suppliers are subject to extensive quality reviews, with most being ISO9001 certified, and many AS9100 certified. The vetting process also requires all suppliers have capacity beyond current needs.

We design for manufacturability and scalability 

EquipmentEverything we make is designed with manufacturability in mind, ensuring repeatability, consistency and ultimately quality.

Manufacturing staff are trained in world-class continuous improvement methods, such as Lean and Six Sigma. Additionally, our staff are cross-trained on all product assemblies, enabling flexibility with respect to changing demands.

All manufactured products undergo 100% testing, and in most cases, multiple tests at multiple points during the manufacturing process. For example, our broadband sensors are subject to several iterations of functional testing to ensure adherence to specifications, then a multi-day self-noise test to confirm performance prior to shipping. A testament to internal quality controls and repeatable manufacturing processes are exemplified by the exceptionally low return rates on all broadband sensors.


Manufacturing Facility