Strategic intelligence...fueled by science

This is isn’t just our tagline, it’s a guiding principle that defines everything we do. 


We demonstrate continuous innovation in every aspect of our business. Our dedication to always doing and making better means that we’re ideally suited to provide the most complete and cutting-edge seismic solutions and services available to meet any challenge our customers may face.


InstrumentationNanometrics science, research and development

We challenge our designers to look at our instrumentation in the most critical and creative ways to maximize performance and minimize cost. Then we test and test again to make sure we get the results that we (and our customers) will be happy with. 



We’re always seeking new and promising approaches to make our manufacturing more efficient, and after careful analysis, adopting only what makes the most sense for us. 


Software & data services

Our on-staff geophysicists, seismologists, engineers and software developers work closely together to continuously expand our data analysis capabilities, allowing us to get the most information possible from every network. Our research into event imaging, improving location accuracies, fault plane solutions and cross-correlation detection are just a few examples of what this team focuses on. 


Not only does our research and development allow us to provide the best solutions possible for our customers, but it allows us to contribute to the science of seismic monitoring through regular technical publications and presentations at scientific conferences.