Firmware 4.3.18 Release: Centaur, Meridian and Titan SMA/EA



We are pleased to announce that an updated firmware, version 4.3.18, is now available for Titan SMA/EA, Centaur and Meridian instruments.

Titan SMA/EA

A number of new capabilities and improvements for the TitanSMA/EA are offered in firmware version 4.3.18, including accelerograph Azimuth and tilt orientation correction as well as enhanced calibration capabilities thanks to a new user configurable Sine and PRB calibration waveform synthesizer.


This release includes the following updates:Titan SMA


  • Sensor 3D real-time orientation correction
  • Calibration playback files with adjustable gain, duration, lead-in and lead-out
  • Calibration command API

For more information and a complete list of added functionality click here.


This release introduces new capabilities that support applications using micro-barometers and weather stations, seismic applications that benefit from real-time correction of sensor orientation and/or tilt, as well as applications that require secure data authentication.


In addition to the features mentioned above for the Titan series, this release also updates the Centaur functionality with:


  • Hardware authenticated seismic and infrasound data (CTR4-3A model)Centaur Digitizer
  • CD-1.1 Formats and protocols for continuous data (CTR4-3A model)
  • Calibration current source mode (CTR4 model)
  • Introduces units of pressure (Pa) to support use of microbarometers
  • Support for Gill Instruments Maximet GMX500 Digital Weather station

For more information and a complete list of added functionality click here.


Firmware version 4.3.18 for the Meridian Compact PH and Meridian PH offers a broad range of new capabilities such as network timing synchronization, free-run timing, and reduced digitizing latency options. Also included in this release is a new, highly versatile sensor orientation correction feature, unique to Nanometrics, which performs full 3D real-time data rotation to correct for sensor Azimuth misalignment and sensor tilt.


In addition to the firmware improvements mentioned above for Titan, we now support the following features for the Meridian: :


  1. Precision network timing (PTP and NTP) source and/or server capabilityMeridian Compact Posthole
  2. Free-run timing as a selectable timing source
  3. Minimum-Phase (causal) anti-aliasing filters
  4. Configuration limits to SeedLink backfill requests
  5. Improved Resolution of GPS/GNSS Geo-location
  6. Configurable Earth Location

For a comprehensive list of updates and added functionality for Meridian Compact PH, click here, and for Meridian PH, click here.


The firmware 4.3.18 release provides a variety of application and network specific benefits. Please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative or customer support for more information on how to best optimize these features for your application.


Further information on the feature specifications provided by this release can be found in the release notes and user guides that are available in our customer support site.