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Induced Seismicity in Canada and the USA: Lessons Learned and Recommendations for Partnerships and Potential Directions

Co-chaired by Mark Novakovic, CGU Solid Earth


Description:  Induced seismicity is an active research area, with industry, academia, and governmental organizations bringing their perspectives to efforts to understand and mitigate induced earthquakes. The proposed session is intended to provide a platform to present the latest research, field studies, theoretical and modelling aspects, as well as methods for seismic hazard analysis related to induced and triggered seismicity. This session will provide a venue for scientists from both Canada and the USA to share and exchange their knowledge on all forms of induced seismicity, including hydraulic-fracturing, wastewater, geothermal exploitation, open pit and underground mining, CO2 storage, and other fields such as volcano-seismology, where induced and triggered seismicity is observed. We seek abstracts covering both fundamental and applied research characterizing induced seismicity, as well as recommendations that will be useful for planning for future studies and partnerships potential directions. This session aims to promote interaction and collaboration between public agencies and institutions, and the private sector in an effort to share the latest advances and bridge existing knowledge gaps. 


Featured Products


Trillium Cascadia

The best of both worlds

The Trillium Cascadia marries the proven Trillium Compact Posthole with the Class A Titan Posthole in a single posthole instrument. This dual-use, ultra-wide dynamic range sensor measures both strong motion and weak motion, with absolutely no compromise in performance. And with one hole to dig, a single connector, a single cable and dual sensors that are guaranteed to be mutually aligned, proper deployment is virtually effortless.

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The best digitizer just got better!

The new Centaur Digital Recorder (CTR4 series models) introduces a number of capabilities including calibration output enhancements that support broader sensor calibration capability. These new models support a current source mode in addition to voltage source mode and improved calibration output signal accuracy of ±1%. The voltage mode maximum output range has been doubled to 20 Vpp.

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Trillium Horizon SeismometerDirect bury or Vault, you don't have to choose.

Trillium Horizon, the latest addition to the Trillium 120 product line, is one of our most versatile seismometers to date. This seismometer matches the portability and deployability of our Trillium Compact line with the performance of our vault seismometers. This dual-purpose instrument can be direct buried at shallow depth or set on a pier, meaning the Trillium Horizon gives you the most versatility for your investment.

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