Nanometrics at ESC, booth # 10

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Nanometrics will be exhibiting at ESC 2018, stop by booth #10 to speak to Peter Devanney, Senior Sales Manager Europe & Africa to know more about our instrumentation and services.

Join us for our poster presentation! 

"Environmentally Rugged Observatory Grade Broadband Seismometers For Vault Use, Cased Holes, and Direct Bury Portable Arrays"


Date: Wednesday, September 5th

Hall: Sacra Infermeria Hall

S42- General Seismology


In the past broadband sensor deployments could be compromised by environmentally challenging environments including expensive purpose built vaults deployments. There is now a new broadband sensor, the Horizon that is ready for wet or dry vaults, wet or dry cased holes or direct bury deployments. The majority of deployments don’t need more than a degree of operational tilt range and for those that due there is the posthole type. These first posthole instruments have been deployed in a wide range of extremely challenging environments such as dynamic ice and snow environments, extreme wet and dry conditions in soils of high clay content, and steep or creeping terrain. In examples of all these use cases the direct burial approach has consistently provided high quality data when compared to shallow vault installations. These field experiments demonstrate that while higher tilt tolerance is required for operational outcome certainty in some installations such as deep holes or dynamic glacial environments, the majority of installations can be addressed by a smaller instrument with a narrower tilt range of reduced size and cost. The lessons learned from this real world field data have guided the development of a new smaller, less expensive broadband instrument, the Trillium Horizon. Based on this field data and and user feedback from many direct burial deployments, the Trillium Horizon seismometer has been developed as a simple versatile instrument to span the majority of deployment scenarios and specific use cases including shallow direct bury deployments, traditional piers and problematic wet vault installations. With its small size, robust waterproof case and connector, +/-1.5° tilt range, dual-purpose cable and accessories for both posthole and vault installation, the Trillium Horizon is optimized for usability as well as performance.