Nanometrics Inc. Continues to Gain Momentum as a Microseismic Monitoring Services Provider in Oil & Gas


Nanometrics Inc. Continues to Gain Momentum as a Microseismic Monitoring Services Provider in Oil & Gas

Nanometrics Inc. today announces that it has been awarded five additional contracts in the Duvernay (Alberta) and Montney (British Columbia) shale plays from major Oil and Gas operators.


To date, microseismic data from hydraulic frac’ing have provided Oil and Gas operators a feedback response from a series of small events detected during completions. These data are used to estimate the effectiveness of the frac’ing and to help validate the well-completion design. The acquisition of this datastream can be technically challenging and costly, involving dedicating a monitor well or deploying a large surface monitoring network. To address these challenges, sophisticated data processing and noise-attenuation techniques are required to achieve a robust and interpretable dataset.   


PFI header imageNanometrics’ Passive Fracture Imaging (PFI) service provides all of the microseismic information required to evaluate the effectiveness of completions programs, without the high cost and operational risk of deploying downhole sensors. By combining a low station footprint with beam‑forming processing PFI provides more detectable, locatable, and reliable events per sensor with an approachable and scalable service.  


Nanometrics offers Oil and Gas operators, an innovative, turnkey high-resolution microseismic monitoring to characterize fracture activities and propagation during hydraulic fracturing (HF) operations.


“Fluctuating oil prices continue to highlight the need to improve the economics of production and recovery. Nanometrics is focused on helping our Oil and Gas clients to reduce their risk and operating costs via innovative seismic monitoring solutions. ” Dario Baturan, Vice President, Seismic Monitoring Services, Nanometrics Inc.


Nanometrics offers a range of seismic monitoring service packages for a variety of industries including  Oil and Gas,  Mining, Critical Infrastructure. To learn more reach out to




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Using the latest state-of-the-art instrumentation and industry-leading AI-enhanced data processing and acquisition technology, Nanometrics provides turnkey passive seismic monitoring solutions, for the Oil and Gas, Mining, Geothermal, CO2 Sequestration, and Structural Engineering markets, which allow our clients to manage seismic risk while focusing on their core business. As the world’s largest operator of private seismic networks, we offer proven expertise in network design, station deployment, 24/7 monitoring, and delivery of a wider array of advanced geophysical data products in mission-critical applications.  


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