Nanometrics Inc. launches turn-key Ocean Bottom Seismic Monitoring Solutions


Nanometrics Inc. launches turn-key Ocean Bottom Seismic Monitoring Solutions

Nanometrics' ocean bottom seismometry solution, Abalones was selected to support the Korea Polar Research Institute’s active ocean seismic research program.


OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA -- Observation and monitoring of underwater tectonic activity and changes in the cryospheric environment is challenging. Power consumption, reliability, and signal fidelity of ocean bottom data acquisition systems have been key concerns for the scientific research community. Nanometrics’ Abalones System directly addresses these concerns with a complete turn-key solution.

The Abalones Ocean Bottom System1 combines Nanometrics’ industry-leading Pegasus OBS digital recorder and Trillium Compact OBS seismometer technologies with SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography’s versatile Abalones OBS deployment technology to deliver an ultra low power, turnkey solution for deployments in shallow, intermediate, and deep water down to 6,000 m.

“We are proud to launch this innovative solution that enables KOPRI to focus on what matters by providing them with reliable, high-quality seismic data,” said Bruce Townsend, General Manager Seismology and Executive Vice President, Nanometrics. “The Abalones system represents an ongoing commitment to ensure our clients have access to high-performance OBS instrumentation to support their ocean-based research studies.”

Designed in partnership with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, specifically for ocean bottom experiments, the Pegasus OBS data acquisition system offers high performance with ultra-low power consumption, while streamlining onshore and shipboard workflows to get the best possible data most economically, easily, and reliably.

These partnerships highlight Nanometrics as a trusted industry partner and innovator in monitoring solutions and equipment for ocean bottom scientific research. Nanometrics seismic instrumentation has been deployed in a wide variety of land and ocean-based seismological networks. We have sold over 30,000+ instruments in over 100 countries across the globe. To find out more, please contact



About Nanometrics2
With over 30 years of experience, Nanometrics is a global, award-winning company providing monitoring solutions and equipment for studying man-made and natural seismicity. Specializing in collecting and analyzing critical real-time data for global, regional, and local seismic networks, we deliver world-class network design, installation, and training services.

About KOPRI3
The Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) is the lead agency of the national polar program of the Republic of Korea, and it is a statutory, government-sponsored research institution.

About Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego
Scripps is one of the most important centers for global earth science research and education in the world. Scripps scientists work to understand and protect the planet by investigating our oceans, Earth, and atmosphere to find solutions to our greatest environmental challenges.


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