• Temporary Broadband Seismic Station Deployments

    | Presentation/Poster

    Truly portable broadband (BB) seismic instrumentation becomes viable only when the superiority of direct burial and purpose-built instrumentation is embraced. Direct comparisons of shallow vaults with pier-style instruments versus direct burial, using specific tests, analysis of IRIS PASSCAL supported experiments, and reviews of the IRIS archived portable BB datasets, provide evidence that it is the best approach for temporary station installations. Modern instrumentation that is self aware and reports complete instrument response can also contribute to a trouble-free and successful portable BB station deployment. Many of the method's shortcomings for obtaining quality temporary field observations of long-period seismic wave fields are related to field methods developed to handle the limitations of older BB systems on offer from vendors, instead of reengineering the seismic system for the very general, yet field-specific use case.