• Nanometrics Inc. today announces that it has been awarded five additional contracts in the Duvernay (Alberta) and Montney (British Columbia) shale plays from major Oil and Gas operators.
  • Building on over 30 years of seismic instrumentation development, Nanometrics has evolved into a market leader in turnkey seismic monitoring for the energy production sector.
  • Microseismic monitoring arrays are required to detect the smallest possible event, or to guarantee detection of an event of some minimum size. Diverse geometries and performance metrics have been proposed over the years.
  • We compare predictions of network performance to observations made from an earthquake catalogue. We estimate event spectra using Brune modeling and station noise to predict the magnitude of completeness for a network and compute the location accuracy according to Peters and Crosson     (1972). We
  • The world’s best-selling broadband seismometer, the small highly portable Trillium Compact is available in several configurations to best suit your deployment
  • Distinguish natural from induced seismicity and exceed regulatory detection limits to manage risk and avoid shutdowns. Measure the impact of detected seismicity via real-time ground motion measurements & reports and delineate faults and gain insight into geomechanical properties of target…
  • Your complete solutions for meeting regulations and managing risk in Duvernay.
  • The University of Texas at Austin Bureau of Economic Geology has finished installing the state’s earthquake monitoring network, TexNet, and thanks to a new interactive website, the public can follow and sort seismic activity in Texas in real time.