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  • Apollo Project is the only archiving solution that automatically tracks data availability, updating the archive whenever any old or missing data becomes available. Apollo Project will manage the archiving of any data recorded by Apollo Server or Taurus.
  • Ground motion monitoring is becoming an increasingly important part of infrastructure monitoring and induced seismicity monitoring.  
  • Properly insulating a vault Typically, vaults include a pier or platform that provides a level site for the seismometer to sit on. The pier also provides good coupling with the ground.   
  • Our Story
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    Who is Nanometrics? We’re a privately owned company that provides monitoring solutions and equipment for studying manmade and natural seismicity. We’re headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with offices in Calgary, Beijing and Houston and representatives worldwide.   
  • “Better than a good day at the office.” A recent trip to Yukon to install five new seismic monitoring stations showcases Nanometrics’ full-service solutions  
  • Subcontractors
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      Because our name is on the line
  • Health & Safety
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    Health and safety at Nanometrics is governed by a Health and Safety Board, which oversees the internal Joint Health and Safety Committee and the Field Operations Safety Committee.   
  • Our 24/7 cloud-based data center offers data recording, transmission, processing, analysis and event notification services. The center is staffed with experts ready to provide data analysis at a moment’s notice for consultation during operational activities.
  • Nanometrics offers a range of site survey, installation, maintenance and decommissioning services to ensure your network is properly installed and will meet its monitoring mandate.  
  • We pride ourselves on our intelligent, science-based approach to network design and performance modeling. We can predict the performance of your network before any sensors are installed, including determining the impact of noise encroachment from nearby operations.