• Truly portable broadband (BB) seismic instrumentation becomes viable only when the superiority of direct burial and purpose-built instrumentation is embraced.
  • To establish a temporary mixed phase broadband seismic array with publically open and available data that will facilitate new research. This was a 6 week study that began on March 11, 2014.  
  • Direct Burial Posthole in Yukon | Presentation/Poster
    A new broadband seismograph network for passive seismic imaging of earth structures has been installed in the Yukon using a new Posthole installation method that is now yielding excellent results.
  • The integrated broadband Meridian Posthole and Compact seismic systems have been engineered and tested for extreme polar environments. Ten percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in glacial ice and the dynamics of these environments is a strategic concern for all.
  • Network design for induced seismicity monitoring is of critical importance. In many applications, networks for induced seismicity have specific criteria with respect to minimum detection magnitudes and the accuracy of event locations.